mercredi 6 octobre 2010

New Roof Garden at One Ecker Place

Living Green (Davis Dalbok)  just completed a sexy new Skydeck Garden atop a great old brick building in downtown SF. These are the first shots...more to come, including photos of the 'atrium to the sky' component of this project were we planted a forest of specimen Australian tree ferns. (via Davis FaceBook)
Living green vient de finir ce projet de terrasse sur un toit de San Francisco. Il n'est pas fini, il manque encore les fougère arborescentes. (via le FaceBook de Davis Dalbok)

5 commentaires:

Joanne Barragan a dit…

Having a rooftop garden is like having a green roof of your own, but the thing here is, you are also having a place to stay. Having a place as such makes your home a better place to live in. At the same time, you're also helping the biodiversity of the environment.

[Joanne Barragan]

Rodney Orton a dit…

This roof garden is amazingly pretty! The place feels like paradise! I’m sure everyone would love to stay here to bask in the good ambiance and fresh air. Adding this design to a rooftop would really add more life and color to it. I bet this is a cool place to hang out with your family and friends!

Rodney Orton

Willene Fagen a dit…

I find it great that despite having tall buildings around, you will still be able to see a wonderful place like this. The atmosphere is really breathtaking. You know what makes this roof deck attractive? It’s the sofa that you have right there. Haha! The color is striking, but looks relaxing to the eye. And you’ll be feeling comfy with the green plants. This deck is really magnificent! :D

Lenore Lung a dit…

It feels odd to see a beautiful place like this in an area surrounded with high rise buildings. I’m really in awe with this one! I wish others will also be inspired to create a rooftop lounge like this as well. Can’t you just feel the relaxing atmosphere surround you from the screen? I know I do.

Lue Madson a dit…

Wow! What a grand roof garden that is! I like how the color of the couch stands out among the rest. This space is really well designed, as shown by its stunning beauty. And I echo all the sentiments here. This is a nice view that breaks the monotony of seeing concrete buildings all around you.