vendredi 29 avril 2011

Shary Boyle

Les drôle de sculptures de Shary Boyle.
Strange sculptures by Shary Boyle.

Monolithic sculptures created from junk

Monolithic sculptures created from junk, an article on Recycling

Asit photography

Asit photography Great !! © asit. All rights reserved.

jeudi 28 avril 2011

National lotus show, Shangai

National lotus show, Shangai. Photos @ Wentao Yin

Jeffrey Bale

Jeffrey Bale, prince des cailloux.
Jeffrey, peeble's prince.
Jeffrey Bale's World of Gardens

Gardensia's blog

je vous avais parlé de Gardensia Archipelago qui importe des objets pour jardins exotiques. Ils ont maintenant un blog passionant. On peut y découvrir l'artisanat balinais.
I told you about Gardensia who import some exotic pots and sculptures from Bali. Discover know their blog.
Gardensia's blog

Appeltern Gardens, Nederlands

Appeltern Gardens, Nederlands

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