vendredi 11 juin 2010

Jardin de thé

Un des jardins de l'édition 2010 du festival de Chaumont-sur-Loire.
Conçu par PiP Partnership - George Richardson et Jules Arthur - association de paysagistes, Angleterre.
Festival de Chaumont

The International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire has been providing a unique panorama of landscape design all over the world since 1992. In 18 seasons, almost 400 gardens have been designed, which are prototypes of the gardens of the future. This garden invites us to an English tea-time! Every weekend at 4 pm, tea will be served in the garden. Visitors will also be invited to taste a herb tea, made using only the plants that are around them.Designers : PiP Partnership - George Richardson and Jules Arthur - landscape partnership, England

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