mardi 25 janvier 2011

Eve's Garden

Eve's Garden, une pension mexicaine écolo.
Eve's Garden, a mexican guest house & ecological ressource center.

4 commentaires:

La Féerailleuse a dit…

Certains n'ont pas peur des couleurs et ils ont bien raison ! J'en ai pris plein les yeux

AKA Garden Tyrant a dit…

Color, Color adds depth to this outdoor room. The plants pop against the bold colors. Its fun and sophisticated at the same time. I like to see creative spaces that families and friends can come together. All the pieces of the puzzle contrast, tie in and compliments this walled in garden.

Jim/ArtofGardening a dit…

Love love love the color. Though I think I'd rather visit this much color, rather than own it and live with it all the time!

Laguna Dirt a dit…

so much bold, warm color! where is eve's garden??