mercredi 30 mars 2011

Pedras, Plantas e Companhia

Toujours du soleil plein les mirettes chez Pedras, Plantas e Companhia .
A big sun is shining on Pedras, Plantas e Companhia.

3 commentaires:

Sean Falconer a dit…

Je m'excuse mais, savez vous le nom de la premiere plante? Celle qui resemble comme une abeille?

Unknown a dit…

Dear Sean, the plant you're referring to is a wild Portuguese orchid (we have around 55 species), and its scientific name is Ophrys ciliata. It mimics a bee (one of its common names is "bee plant"), to facilitate pollination. All of these orchids are protected by law in Portugal. Be free to visit my blog to see some more local and other plants and flowers.

Delphine a dit…

Merci, Julio !