mercredi 13 avril 2011

The exotic garden blog

Si je devais nommer le meilleur blog de ces 6 derniers mois, ce serait celui-là. The exotic garden blog raconte l'aventure du jardin exotique et fouf fou fou de Will Giles à Norwich en Angleterre. Une pure merveille !!

Will Giles Exotic garden in Norwich is renowned for growing plants that supposedly shouldn’t survive on the East coast of England, but in fact they do! The garden is open in high summer when you can visit the garden in all its glory. I discovered this jewel thanks to Clive !! It is sure my favorite place on the web for the moment.
 Photos @ Will Giles
The exotic garden blog

3 commentaires:

Will a dit…

Hi Delphine - just stumbled across this looking for other exotic blogs – thanks very much for this, much appreciated – it has sent quite a few people to my blog – thanks again.

Gaz a dit…

Having visited a couple of times its a lovely garden to relax and escape into.

Gaz Alternative Eden

Unknown a dit…

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