mercredi 18 janvier 2012

San's Palace

Miniatures et maisons de poupées en Inde. Délicieux, adorable et follement exotique.
Miniature and dollhouse of... India.
Tiny, cute and exotic.
San's Palace

5 commentaires:

Allie a dit…

What an adorable post! Love the little houses all filled with precious things. The small flower baskets are so sweet too.

Unknown a dit…

So happy to see my friend San's world here-she is a master storyteller, all in miniature, and she shares her actual world too, and widened my own perspective of the big and the small.

Delphine a dit…

Amy, i think i've found her in your blogroll !!!!

Sans! a dit…

Thank you Deplphine for this post! I am honoured , flattered and very very thrilled that you have found my humble efforts worthy of mention in your stunningly beautiful blog :). This is such an incredible coincidence too since I have just spent the last 3 hours talking with my sister about gardens, love, art , flowers.

It's already 2 am here in Singapore but when I read Amy's comment about your post , I just had to rush over to read this ! Now I can go to bed very very happy :).

I plan to come back again and again .

Eva a dit…

San's miniatures are very special. When you see her tribal house you can not be awake, you start to dream in another world.
And Sans is very lovely woman.
Something that really worth it to meet her :)