lundi 10 septembre 2012

Judy Montoure and Dorian Sanchez’s garden

Le jardin de Judy Montoure & Dorian Sanchez à Olympia.
Photos © Karl Gercens.
Judy Montoure & Dorian Sanchez’s Garden, 2016 86th Ct. S.W., Olympia.
To see during the The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program, a self-guided tour of seven private gardens in Lacey and Olympia.
The passionated Hoticulturist Karl Gercens was here and took those wonderful Photographies. The full Flickr Set here.

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2 commentaires:

sharon a dit…

Lovely just lovely....the sign is hilarious!!

Shyra a dit…

Wow! It is indeed a wonderful garden. I love the combination shades. Cool page!