lundi 4 mars 2013

Tone Iren Lyngstad

Plus au Nord, Tone Iren Lyngstad, potière céramiste,  nous embarque en suède Norvège . Son jardin magnifique borde un lac fjord féerique. Discover the gorgeous ceramic made by Tone Iren Lyngstad, a swedish norvegian artist. Herr garden is near a beautiful lake fjord. Wow. Hello Iren !! Drømmeriet

2 commentaires:

Drømmeriet a dit…

Hello Paradis Express,France :)
What a surprise!!
Thanks a lot for presenting some of my photos from my blog-a huge honour for me I must say! I have been a follower at your wonderful and inspiring blog a coupple of years now.
I have to "arrest" you a little bit, thoug..I live in Norway,not Sweeden-and it is a fjord, not a lake :)
(if the translater was correct..)
However, what a nice surprise on a rather disapointing day-thanks again :):)

Delphine a dit…

Oh Iren, i'm so sorry ! i have made the changes in the text. I didn't realize that you were norvegian. I love your blog too and your work is so beautiful ! Your photos are splendid and what an impressive landscape... I love your fjord !!

Love xxxx