lundi 22 avril 2013

Plantes, Plaisirs, Passions 2013

J'ai toujours plaisir à annoncer cette belle expo de plantes que je connais depuis toujours, puisque ma mère, Odette y exposait ses céramiques. Aujourd'hui, je continue d'y venir et les plus beaux sujets du jardin ont tous été acheté là. Plantes, Plaisirs, Passions 2013
Every year, i make an announcement for this great plants exhibit in the château de la Roche Guyon, not far from Giverny. This year is a little bit more special, because i've been asked to design the poster, flyers and invitations. I'm very proud. Plantes, Plaisirs, Passions 2013

2 commentaires:

patrickgracewood a dit…

Lovely design, Delphine. Hope you get a free pass to the show and 1st pick at any new plants that catch your eye.

Delphine a dit…

Yesssssssss !! i have several free passes. One is for you if you want. It takes place in the Castle of La Roche Guyon, such a great place. You would love it ! When do you come in France ? i don't remember the dates