lundi 18 juin 2007


"Soudain l'été dernier" est une pièce de Tenessee Williams. Pour cette version jouée au théâtre de Berkeley, la designer Annie Smart a imaginé ce superbe décor en Plexiglass® peint.
Suddenly Last Summer is one of the more infrequently-revived titles in the Tennessee Williams catalogue, possibly because this tale of madness, corruption, and cannibalism is hard to make convincing for modern audiences. The action takes place in the jungle-like solarium of the house of Mrs. Venable, a sinister New Orleans matron, and if the design doesn’t create the proper hothouse atmosphere, the play is not going to work. For its recent revival at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, set designer Annie Smart enclosed the stage in a Plexiglas® box with large greenhouse windows. Painted directly onto the the windows were giant translucent leaves, depicting Mrs. Venable’s experiments in botany and suggesting the repressive atmosphere of her home. Behind the leaves was a similarly rectangular white cyc box.

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