mardi 25 novembre 2008

Elissa & Harrison Steeves

Le jardin créatif et toujours en évolution d'Elissa & Harrison Steeves, à Blacksburg, en Virginie.

"When Elissa Steeves first walked around the Blacksburg, Virginia, house that her husband, Harrison, had purchased, it already had a functional landscape. The yard had long since healed from the construction of the 1950s home. The lawn was established, and the trees offered some shade. It had matured into the kind of yard that has moments of beauty but does not require much beyond regular maintenance. However, Elissa's creative spark, energetic spirit, and horticultural expertise would have no outlet unless she could redesign her yard. So during the past 20 years, change has become the norm, and the landscape has become a garden.(...)" (more on Photos © Camelia Elliott

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