mercredi 28 avril 2010

Eve and Per Thyrum's garden in Delaware

They call their garden Frog Hollow. The garden is a living collection, to be sure. They have many different plants, many different cultivars of some plants, and they also had many unusual or unique plant varieties. This couple came to their current property after living many years in Texas. She was a biochemist and said she didn’t really know anything about gardening.In the 1980’s Eve and Per decided to take some courses at Longwood (under the direction of Bill Thomas). And the rest is history! They hit the ground running with their garden and the collection as it stands today is a true testament of honest hard work and a love of horticulture.(source

Première visite de jardins d'une série sur la région de Philadelphie. Eve et Per Thyrum appellent leur jardin situé à Delaware, Frog Hollow. Leur jardin de collection abrite de nombreuses variétés de plantes inhabituelles ou uniques. Elle était un biochimiste et ne connaissait rien en jardinage. Durant les années 1980, ils décident de prendre quelques cours au conservatoire d Longwood (sous la direction de Bill Thomas). Aujourd'hui, leur jardin est reconnu par toute la profession comme un incontournable.
Photos @ Karl Gercens

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