vendredi 23 septembre 2011

The Wrong Garden, James Dyson, Chelsea 2003

En mai 2003, James Dyson et Jim Honey créent un jardin exceptionnel ("The Wrong Garden") pour le Chelsea Flower Show de Londres, qui remporte la médaille d’or. Par illusion, l'eau donne l'impression de remonter le long de quatre rampes inspiré par M. C. Escher. (source wikipedia)

"In 2002 James Dyson (known for his vacuum cleaner)  created a realisation of the optical illusions depicted in the lithographs of Dutch artist M. C. Escher. Engineer Derek Phillips was able to accomplish the task after a year of work, creating a water sculpture in which the water appears to flow up to the tops of four ramps arranged in a square, before cascading to the bottom of the next ramp. The creation titled Wrong Garden, was displayed at the Chelsea Flower Show in the spring of 2003.[9] The illusion is accomplished with water containing air bubbles pumped through a chamber underneath the transparent glass ramps to a slit at the top from which the bulk of the water cascades down. This makes it appear that the water is flowing up, when actually a small amount of water diverted from the slit at the top flows back down the ramps in a thin layer."(wikipedia)

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