mercredi 28 octobre 2009

Craigieburn, Ecosse

Je vous laisse découvrir cet étonnant jardin népalais au coeur de ... l'Ecosse !
Et par la même occasion, découvrez d'autres belles histoires de Marie-Pierre Ombrédanne sur son blog Côté Jardin.
Moss-hung woodland, dripping with moisture. Yak-grazed high pasture permanently muffled in cloud-cover. These are the habitats in the eastern Himalayas that give us some of our most exciting garden plants. At Craigieburn (Scotland) we are lucky to have the conditions that suit these special plants perfectly. The foothills of the Himalayas between 9000 and 15000ft have a summer climate very similar to that of south-west Scotland, with abundant rainfall and high air-humidity.Specie rhododendrons, sumptuous Himalayan Blue Poppies, (Meconopsis) and the 10ft. tall Cardiocrinums (Giant Himalayan Lilies) grow as lushly as on their home turf. More on

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