vendredi 30 juillet 2010

Green Theater

Elle est designer floral à Toronto toute la semaine. Le week-end, elle est jardinière dans son jardin de l'Ontario. Son blog est formidable.
She is a floral designer living in a tiny condo in downtown Toronto, Canada's largest city. But on the weekend, she is a gardener/frustrated architect trying to keep up with a 3/4 acre garden in Owen Sound, Ontario, a warm (to Canadians, Zone 5b, and a cold (to Americans, Zone 4b) garden.I love her blog very much.

Green Theater

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Deborah at Kilbourne Grove a dit…

Thank you Delphine for mentioning my blog on yours. It is very kind of you. Just to let you know I am a woman, yay!

Delphine a dit…

Sorry Deborah for the mistake ! i have make the correction in th text !